• Kitesurf Bladders for FONE Kite
  • Leading Edge and Strut for F-ONE Kitesurf
  • Valves F-ONE
  • High frequency welding “Lifetime warranty” 
  • Dimensions identical to the original Bladders F-ONE
  • Film 100% Polyuréthane 100 microns "HIGH QUALITY"
  • Made in FRANCE since 2012
  • Delivred Ready to install

Product details

Leading edge and Strut F-one Bandit

You want to repair your kite flange yourself.

Here are the F-one brand leading edge and kite slat flanges for the Bandit model with the manufacturer's original ribs to make a replacement!

You will find all the models of the F-one Bandit, Bandit 1 (2008), Bandit 2 (2009), Bandit 3 (2010), Bandit 4 (2011), Bandit 5 (2012), Bandit 6 (2013), Bandit 7 (2014), Bandit 8 (2015), Bandit 9 (2016), Bandit 10 (2017), Bandit 11 (2018), Bandit 12 (2019), Bandit 13 (2020), Bandit 14 (2021), Bandit 15 (2022) ), Bandit 16 (2023).

Thanks to our partnership with the F-one brand, we reproduce your tailor-made bladders / bladders / inner tube / leading edge bladder and kitesurf batten. The raw material comes from ITALY, it has been carefully selected.

We use a 100 micron thick polyurethane film that we weld at high frequency.

It is the thickest film on the market on a kite wing, which makes it ultra-resistant.

The valves are those supplied by the brand so there is no compatibility problem.

They are delivered complete, with original dimensions with high-frequency welded valves for optimal lifespan.

If you want to see how to change your kitesurf bladder

Leadind Edge : watch the video!

Strut : watch the video!

If your one pump valves on your leading edge or your slats are simply detached, you can find our adhesive valves here!

With the Premium quality of the material we use as well as our experience of more than 15 years in the manufacture of kitesurf repair accessories: bladders / inner tube / leading edge bladder and kitesurf strut.

You will find yourself with a kitesurfing kite like new!


  • Brand F-ONE
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